March  2018

Temple B'nai Chaim joins our congregants in remembering those who are dear to them.  To mark the anniversary, the name is read at the Friday evening Shabbat service before the observance or, if the anniversary is on a Friday, the night of the observance.

We hope that this new monthly notice will enable congregants to join us for the Shabbat when the names of their loved ones are read and also allow friends and fellow congregants to be with them at this time of remembrance. The weekly Yahrzeit list of names are also published in each week's Chailites .  

It is traditional to light a memorial candle on the eve of the yahrzeit at home and to recite Kaddish when lighting the yahrzeit candle. It is also a custom to make donations in memory of loved ones around the time of yahrzeit.

Zeicher tzaddik livrachah! May the memory of the righteous be for a blessing!

Freida Lezack Thursday 3/1/2018 aunt of Bonnie Heft
Linda Cantor Friday 3/2/2018 remembered by the Heft Family
Mollie S. Hyams Friday 3/2/2018 mother of Sheila Wakoff
Bernard Cukier Saturday 3/3/2018 grandfather of Russell Robbins
Bruce B. Kauffman Sunday 3/4/2018 brother of Paul Kauffman
Ruth Mellon Monday 3/5/2018 mother of Marc Mellon
Dr. Steven R. Berg Wednesday 3/7/2018 father of Daniel Berg
Paul Rubin Thursday 3/8/2018 father of Steven Rubin
Walter Ullman Friday 3/9/2018 father of Martin Ullman
Eugene Bower Sunday 3/11/2018 father of Sandi Prince
Jill Buttrick Sunday 3/11/2018 sister of Claire Fennessey
Edwin Axel Monday 3/12/2018 father of Steven Axel
Seymour Gluck Tuesday 3/13/2018 father of Ronnie Ross
Renee Weiss Rollins Tuesday 3/13/2018 mother of Maxine Margolin
Rae Yurman Tuesday 3/13/2018 mother of Steve Yurman
Louise Zacune Wednesday 3/14/2018 sister of Fran Heizler
Max Aronow Friday 3/16/2018 uncle of Meryll wolfman
Ruth Artson Shauer Saturday 3/17/2018 mother of Marlene Serby
Lillian Greenwald Sobel Saturday 3/17/2018 mother of Ken Sobel
Christopher Vaughan Sunday 3/18/2018 stepfather of Lorien Saumier
Sara Heft Tuesday 3/20/2018 remembered by the Heft Family
Sheldon Romaner Wednesday 3/21/2018 father of Michele Bender
Jerry Schlesinger Thursday 3/22/2018 father of Lynn Schlesinger
Lillian Tondow Weber Thursday 3/22/2018 mother of Donald Weber
Fritzi Radcliffe Friday 3/23/2018 aunt of Peter Czuczka
Benjamin Prentiss Saturday 3/24/2018 grandfather of Valerie Rosenson
Sam Yurman Saturday 3/24/2018 father of Steve Yurman
Murry Erlich Sunday 3/25/2018 father of Senia Feiner
Harry Olshan Monday 3/26/2018 father of Kenneth Olshan
Robin Feldman Tuesday 3/27/2018 mother of Gregg Feldman
Sue Ellen Gumins Tuesday 3/27/2018 mother of Samuel Gumins
Albert Isaac Friday 3/30/2018 father of David Isaac