NAME:  Grace Goldberg

HOME TOWN:  Ridgefield, CT

B’NAI MITZVAH DATE:  May 16, 2015

TORAH PORTION:  Behar Bechukotai

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  I am creating going-home packages for PAWS, an animal shelter in Norwalk. This is where my family got our cat, and she has been a loveable part of my family for years. I am hoping these bags will help create similar bonds. The bags will include a homemade treat for the pet (be it a dog or cat) and a pet-specific toy. The purpose of this is to help pets become accustomed to their new homes and for new pet owners to learn to care for their new friends.

HELP NEEDED:  I am putting up a collection box at the entrance to the temple for pet toys and treat ingredients to put in the bags. I would like people to donate a new toy for a dog or cat. Donations of small paper gift bags, flour, powdered milk, and honey for the treats would be greatly appreciated. The box will be there from January 7 until February 7. Thank you!

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