Grade(s) Taught / Class Focus:   I have the privilege of being one of TBC's B'nai Mitzvah tutors!  I teach the students how to chant their Torah portions as well as their Haftorahs. I also teach fourth grade culture as well as sixth grade Hebrew, and now fifth grade Hebrew as well!  My main focus with fourth grade is Bible studies. I also introduced about ten years ago, a pen-pal exchange program with an elementary school in Afula Israel.  Through many projects during the year the students are able to develop meaningful relationships with their Israeli counterparts. They understand that we are all part of the people Israel (Kol Israel) wherever we live!

In my Hebrew classes it is very important the students see Hebrew as a living language, the language that held the Jews together for centuries. I mix in modern Hebrew as well as teaching the prayers and their meanings. We also take apart the words, so the students can on their own dig down to the root of a word and decipher what it means.

Teaching Background:  This will be my twenty-fifth year teaching here at TBC!  I originally was asked when it was known in the community that I spoke Hebrew fluently.  I was also asked to teach at Temple B'nai Israel in Armonk NY where I have been a Hebrew teacher for twenty-four years, and still am!  I have also taught at Temple Israel in New Rochelle NY, and second grade at Temple Beth Eloheim in Brewster New York. I have also taught Hebrew for many years in the evenings at adult education classes in my local high school. I also tutor and have taught many adults how to read and write Hebrew.

Reason I Became a Teacher:  I spent three years in Israel, and met my husband there. I wanted to impart on my students an understanding of their heritage, from a different perspective.
Teaching Notes:  Children are like sponges, open and eager to learn and explore!  It is an amazing gift to be able to teach a fourth grader, and then in a few years see them as your students in sixth grade Hebrew, and they remember what you taught them in fourth grade!  The ultimate..... is when you have them sitting in front of you as a young adults studying their Torah portions.  I often tell my parents that I feel like I have given birth all over again!   
I try to leave my students with a love of Israel, and a place in Am Yisrael (the people Israel)!

One of the greatest moments for me is when, in the fourth grade, we exchange a suitcase filled with goodies with our Israeli pen-pals.  I try to convince anyone that I hear of that is going to Israel or back to take the suitcase one way!  This is VERY hard to do as Israelis love to shop!  The look on the children's faces when they get a present from their pen-pal or Israeli candy is priceless!  We also exchange a culture box on both sides. This is filled with anything that means to them Israeli culture or American culture. We have exchange maps, flags, sport team paraphernalia, food, magazines, and even a soccer ball and a baseball!   For my Hebrew students, the look that " I got this" or "I can do this" is very gratifying to see.  The excitement in learning is amazing.  For my Bnai Mitzvah students, seeing them come full circle is indescribable, that their learning has really just begun as become adults in our tradition!

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