Dear Religious School Families,

On July 30th, 2014, Rabbi Bearman, Ed-committee Chair Alice Czuczka, and I held a special event on the new vision for TBC's Religious School. We are excited about the coming year and we are looking forward to working together as we plan and develop this journey of lifelong learning. For those who were unable to attend, we have included in this email a few highlights from last week's presentation.

We will spend the year developing and detailing a curriculum based on five central concepts: God, Torah, Israel, Kehillah Kedoshah (Holy Community) and Hebrew. These five tenets were chosen based on traditional divisions of Jewish learning as well as priorities specific to our community. As our children progress through our religious school, they will encounter these five concepts in increasingly advanced ways. To see a sample of topics for each tenet, please click on the link here.

This year in religious school, we will be introducing one of these core concepts: Kehillah Kedoshah (Holy Community). Students will learn about Jewish holidays, history, and lifecycle events through the lens of what it means to be part of a sacred community. By focusing on this concept, we hope to engage our children more deeply in both the TBC and larger communities.

We are also piloting new Hebrew books-Kol Yisrael-that reflect our current benchmark structure (which you received with the school registration forms). This Hebrew series will also have an online component which will be an enriching resource for students who need extra practice, who are absent from Hebrew School, or who want to be more challenged. We have chosen this series because it focuses on the prayers that students will lead at their B'nai Mitzvah services.

All of our wonderful teachers are fully committed to our children's Jewish education and to supporting this new vision. Furthermore, our curriculum committee will be shaping and adding nuance to our proposed curriculum over the course of this year. We feel confident that these curricular changes will benefit our students, our religious school, and our community.

Jennifer Haynos
Education Manager