Dear Friends,

After a wait of just over a decade, I am pleased to announce that Hashiveinu . . . Turn Us to You,  the second volume of a two-volume set of professionally-recorded Temple B'nai Chaim High Holy Day music is finally available.  I hope you will take a few minutes to enjoy a free audio sampler of music from Hashiveinu, available for download here.  I have focused this second volume on the more introspective and personal journey of return associated with the High Holy Days.  Hashiveinu features inspirational musical settings asking for divine help on our journey of teshuvah.

To obtain a copy of Hashiveinu, you can make a donation to the Cantor's Discretionary Fund. There is a recommended donation of $20 to cover recording costs and support ongoing music programs at TBC; however any level of donation - greater or less - is much appreciated.  To make a donation, see the information below.

Hashiveinu . . .Turn us to You

Once I receive your donation information, I will send you a link to download the recordings electronically.  I am pleased that our technology is now such that I can advertise this as "green" recording in that there is no physical disk or case.  Of course, if you wish to burn the files to an audio CD for your own personal convenience, you may.

If you want to know more about the text, the musicians, and the musical settings, I encourage you to download a PDF of the liner notes.

For those of you who have joined TBC in the last decade, we still have copies of Shema Koleinu . . . Hear our Voices, volume 1 of this two-part series.  I have created a 5 minute free sampler of music from Shema Koleinu, which you can listen to here.  Copies of this CD can be purchased as detailed below, indicating Shema Koleinu in the Donations field.

I hope these recordings help to deepen and enrich your experience of TBC's High Holy Days.

L'shanah tovah,

Cantor Jon Sobel

Hashiveinu . . . Turn Us to You (2012)

More Selections from the Days of Awe at Temple B'nai Chaim, Georgetown, CT

  • Click Here to download an audio Sampler.
  • Click Here to download full liner notes in PDF format
  • Click Here to download Yih'yu L'ratzon- written and performed by Cantor Sobel
  • Click Here to order your copy using our Donate Now form:
    • Specify Cantors Discretionary Fund -- Hashiveninu (333050)
    • $20.00 recommended donation to cover production costs and support TBC music
      Donations of $250 can, at the donor's discretion, be listed as a Chai Notes supporter of Music recordings at TBC.
    • You will be emailed links to electronically download either iTunes or full fidelity recordings.
    • Please do not share this file otherwise you put TBC in violation of signed license agreements.


Shema Koleinu - hear our voices (2003)

Selections from the Days of Awe at Temple B'nai Chaim, Georgetown, CT

  • Click Here to download an audio Sampler
  • Click Here to download Ana Adoani - written and performed by Cantor Sobel and the TBC HHD Choir
  • Click Here To order Shema Koleinu via our Donate Now form.
    • Specify Cantors Discretionary Fund (133000), and note "Shema Koleinu" in the "Donation For" box.
    • $20.00 is the recommended donation to cover production costs and to support music at TBC.
    • Stop by the TBC office to pick up a professionaly produced and packaged CD complete with full liner notes.